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Recover trashed files after repairing effectively trash bin for Mac

People do delete files accidentally sometimes, and because of that they face critical data loss situation. Apart from that, data might get lost because of virus infection, software failure, system crash etc. But when, files get deleted accidentally or by any of the above reason, it do not get erased completely from your system, and it is possible to recover deleted data from trash on Mac OS X. Those deleted files will still be available there, until and unless, they are not overwritten by some new files.


Usually, you will find two types of data loss situations, first one is simple deletion of data and the second one is, hard deletion of data. Sometime users also have to encounter Trash Error 36 on Mac, which delete vital files and make it inaccessible. In simple deletion of data, files are deleted manually and supposed to be still available in the trash Mac. These types of deletion of files are caused by human errors. In second type, deletion of any file or information is being done by using command+Backspace keys that bypass the Trash.

The recovery of deleted files from Trash is difficult, when it is emptied from Trash bin Mac. However it is difficult, but it is not impossible though. Since, when you empty your trash Mac, the files are not believed to be deleted completely, but it is only removed from the index file. And the recovery is possible by using any Mac trash recovery software.


But before that, you are required to do the following things :-

  • Stop using hard drive or volume from where the files have been lost for any further use.
  • Don't try to install any recovery software on the same volume or hard drive.
  • Use a powerful Mac trash recovery software that ensures the complete recovery.

When you use a powerful Mac trash recovery software, it will undelete data from the emptied trash bin Mac by using its advanced algorithms. Even the data would be recovered from HFS and HFS+ volumes by using Mac Trash recovery software. It also helps you to restore files from Trash data loss situation. The best thing about this recovery tool is that, it supports all the versions of Mac OS.

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