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Trash Locked Files of Mac OS X

Mac OS X is one of the best operating system which enables you to control the overall functionalities of your personal files and directories. In this operating system you have the facility to modify and delete files of your choice. Like other operating system, Mac OS X has also a separate folder “Trash” to store all the deleted files which can be retrieved later if required. Also, you have the facility to deletes all the Mac files permanently by emptying the trash bin.


But, just imagine a situation when you are trying to empty the Mac trash bin and suddenly you received an error message saying “The operation cannot be completed because the item “wmphelp.htm” is locked”. The appearance of this error message restricting you to delete the files that you want to remove from the trash bin. Whenever, you tried to delete the files again and again it gets appeared on the screen. Well, the continuation of this error message is really a frustrating moment for you. In such critical condition it is necessary to repair corrupted Trash Bin Mac Files.

Actually, the main reason which is responsible for the appearance of this “The operation cannot be completed because the item “wmphelp.htm” is locked” error message is due to locking of trash bin files. Sometimes users also have to encounter with 8003 Can't Empty Trash Error. The locking of trash files restricts all the accessibility process of files and raises error messages when accessed.

At the lower-left corner of the locked files you will get a lock badge which indicates that the file is locked. So, if you want to delete trash locked files from Mac trash bin then you have to unlock the files first of all.

For this follow the following steps:

  • Open the Get Info window either by selecting the file's icon in Finder and then pressing I-command from the keyboard or by control-clicking the file's icon in Finder and then choosing Get Info from the context menu of file info.
  • After selecting Get Info, deselect the “Locked” checkbox located in the general panel of Get Info window.
  • Now, close the Get Info window of that file.


Performance of these steps will unlock all the Trash locked files of Mac OS X and you can easily delete the files that you want to remove from the trash bin. In any of the situation if you are unable to restore Photos From Mac Trash then in such cases automatic Mac trash Recovery software will help you to recover all your important files.

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