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Recover lost data due to Finder error 36 with Mac Trash recovery software in Mac OS X

Finder is a default app in Mac OS X, which is responsible for entire user management of files, network mapped volumes, disks and also launching of applications. Though there are some situations, like, system upgrade, improper system shutdown, virus infection or may be system data structure corruption, where Finder apps do get damaged, which will make you unable to access data from your hard drive. This may further results in serious data loss, leaving you with the only option to use Mac Trash recovery software to restore your data, if there is no backup available.


Users do get their first interaction with Finder application, when Mac OS X system boots up. It gives general feel and look of the machine. Some other apps also has been installed close to the Finder apps that substitute their own interface for manipulating Mac OS X system. Finder apps also manages view of file system with the help of desktop mataphor. You will see those files and directories as proper icons and their volumes are also displayed on desktop. And it becomes easy for you to drag any file to Trash Bin by using Finder to mark them as deleted.

Though, when Finder itselg gets corrupted or damaged, you won't be able to perform general operation on your Mac system. This will take you to encounter with the error code 36, while you drag a file or directory from iMac to flash drive. And the error code 36 will be displayed on your screen with this description : “The Finder can't complete the operation because some data in it can't be read or written. (Error code – 36)”. You may encounter with this error, after running Disk utility on flash drive, or may be when trying to drag folder on different flash drive. This Finder corruption will lead to inaccessibility of your files, directories and also the hard drive volumes. In such critical condition, it is necessary to perform the task as mentioned below for the complete Trash recovery on Mac OS X.


So, in order to fix this problem, you will be required to perform erase and reinstallation of Mac OS X. Though it is applicable for solving all your hard drives errors, but it will also remove your entire data and files from hard drive. And then you will have to go for the only option available, and that is to use Mac Trash recovery software. By using Mac Trash recovery software, it will be possible for you to undelete inaccessible Trash files safely. Since the software has been designed specifically to carry out in depth scanning of entire hard drive and recover all missing, lost or inaccessible data from it. You can easily find Mac Trash location to get back all your deleted or lost file.

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