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Get Rid of “8003 can't empty trash” Error in Mac OS X

Mac OS X is one of the best innovation of Steve Jobs in which you can safely store your personal files and folders. Using this operating system you can easily solve your problems as well as can also perform tasks such as deletion, modification, restoration and many more.


In Mac OS X operating system, when you delete any file form the hard disk then it gets stored in a separate folder called trash bin from where you can easily restore the deleted files if required. Also, you have the option to delete your files from the trash bin permanently. For this, select the items which is to be deleted and choose “Delete” command. Now, for permanent deletion, select “Empty Trash” option from the Finder menu of Mac OS X.

But sometime, while deleting files from Mac trash you encounter “8003 can't empty trash” error message which disallow you to delete the files from the trash bin. In many of ths ituation users also faces Trash Won't Empty Error 8062 on Mac. Actually, this happens due to incorrect permission of the files or when the files are locked. If you have lost your important files and looking to restore corrupted photos from Trash then the solution given below will help you to perfom task with ease.

Thus, if you are getting “8003 can't empty trash” error message due to locking of files then to unlock the files perform the following steps:-

  • Open the application or terminal
  • Now type the following command on the space provided: sudo chflags -R nouching
  • After typing the command, drag the files which you want to unlock into the terminal
  • Press Return
  • After that enter your password and then again press Return


Performing these steps you can unlock the files of Mac trash bin which automatically resolve “8003 can't empty trash” error message and allow you to delete the files that you want. To get rid out of the problem you can repair Trash Mac OS X files from the given solution. But if still you are getting the same error message then be sure that the files have incorrect permissions and to resolve this problem perform the following steps:-

  • Open the Terminal application
  • Then type: sudo rm -rf command in the required space
  • Now open your trash and then select “ALL” option from the edit menu
  • Drag all the items which are to be deleted in to the terminal
  • At last press Return

These steps will correct the permissions of all the files which automatically resolve “8003 can't empty trash” error message and permit you to delete Mac OS X trash bin Files permanently.

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