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Fix “Files dragged to the trash will be deleted immediately” Alert in Mac OS X

Mac OS X is the latest operating system developed by Apple Inc. Like other operating system, Mac OS X allows you to perform all the functions including open , delete, modify etc. to files or folders. In addition to this, you can also connect removable devices or shared networks to your system and access the files using Mac OS X. This operating system also allow you to delete the files of removable devices or shared network by dragging them to the trash folder.

After dragging the files or folders to the Mac trash from the removable devices, empty the Mac trash by using 'delete' command or key. But, if you ejected the removable media or shared network before emptying the trash folder of Mac then the files to which you thought were deleted would still remain in the trash folder of the removable folders and will reappear in the trash when the device again connected to the MAC OS X. Actually, every writable volumes have its own hidden trash folder. In many of the situation, the valuable Infromation on Mac gets locked due to the problem as discussed here.


While dragging the files or folders from the removable media or shared network to Mac Trash folder, a message “files dragged to the trash will be deleted immediately” gets appeared on the screen which inform you that the files will be deleted immediately. Sometimes users also faces Trash Won't Empty Error 8062 which makes entire data inaccessible. But sometime, this message popped up on the screen even when you have not dragged any files from the removable or shared network. The appearance of this alert create various problems for the users in accessing files.

There are three causes responsible for this problem. They are:

  • If you are no longer the owner of your home folder.
  • If your Trash account has been deleted.
  • Or if you no longer the owner of the trash folder.


Thus, to fix “files dragged to the trash will be deleted immediately” alert perform the following steps:

  • First of all, press “command-Shift-H” keyboard command in 'Finder'.
  • This command will open the “Finder Window”. Here you will get the contents of your Home folder.
  • Now, to open the “Info Window” press “command+I” shortcut.
  • In this box, select “Info window” option.
  • Now open the “Ownership & permission panel” or “sharing & permission panel” in the Info window.
  • Check your permission to access in the panel. If you don't have the permission or privilege to Read & write then correct it in “Setting
  • permissions” option.
  • Now close the Info Window.

These steps will resolve the continuous appearance of in Mac OS X and will restore deleted files from Mac Lion OS X. Along with these, it also recover deleted Snow Leopard Trash Easily.

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