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Delete Incomplete Download Files from Mac Trash Bin

Mac OS X is a graphical user interface based operating system which is developed by Apple Inc. Like other operating system, Mac OS X also allow you to create, edit and delete files as well as download number of files from the internet.


Sometime, due to slow internet connection or occurrence of other problems results in incomplete downloading of files which save the files in the Mac trash bin and when you try to move the incomplete downloaded files from there then it neither be moved from the trash nor allow you to delete the files. In many of the situation, users have to encounter with dangerous 8003 Can't Empty Trash Error on Lion OS X. Thus, in order to delete the incomplete downloaded files from the Mac trash follow the following methods. It will help you to retrieve Inaccessible Photos easily from Trash.

Option key method is a hidden characteristic of Mac OS X operating system, performance of which deletes all the incomplete downloaded files from the Mac trash bin. So, to perform quick recovery of corrupted Mac data the solution as given in this post is the best solution.

  • To display the context menu, press and hold the mouse button on the trash icon in the Dock.
  • Now, press as well as hold the option key or the Shift-Option keyboard combination.
  • Then, select “Empty Trash” option from the context menu.
  • At last, released all the pressed keys.

Second method to delete the incomplete download files from the trash is “empty and recreate a trash account”. In order to perform this method follow the following steps:

  • First of all, empty the affected account of Mac trash bin and for this log in to the Admin account using Fast User Switching option.
  • Now, open the terminal following the Macintosh HD>Applications>Utilities folder.
  • After that, type “sudo rm -ri ~/.Trash” command at the terminal.
  • Press Return.
  • Type your Admin password then again press return.
  • Now, if you want to delete each files of trash as well as the affected trash folder then type “Y” for yes.
  • At last, log out from the affected trash folder.
  • The above steps will delete the affected trash account.
  • Now, create a new ~/.Trash directory and set correct ownership and permissions to the new trash account.


The above mentioned methods will deletes all the incomplete download files from mac trash bin without any difficulties. In addition, you can also undelete locked Trash files on Snow Leopard.

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