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Delete Files In Use By Other Applications From Mac Trash Bin

Mac OS X operating system is the latest release of Apple Inc. which is different from Windows but perform all the operations in the same way i.e., Mac operating system is equipped of many applications which is completely different from Windows operating system but operate the functions including edit, delete, create etc just like windows operating system. If you are troubling with such issue and looking for safe recovery of Mac Trash data then the solution as given below will help you to get rid out of the problem with ease.

In Mac operating system, each user has its own private, hidden and invisible trash folder which is located in their “Home” folder. You can log in to your trash folder by following the UNIX directory path “~/ .Trash”. This trash folder will show you all the objects that you have trashed by using delete option.


But, sometime while deleting any files or folders you receive a message saying that “file can neither be moved to the trash nor emptied from the trash as it is in use by another applications”. This message restricts you to delete any file or folder as when you try to delete the file, it gets appeared on the screen. You can also restore Trash data after 8003 Can't Empty Trash Error on Mac. Thus, in order to delete the file in use by other applications or to empty the Mac trash bin, close the application using the file that you want to delete. In many of the situation users also have to encounter with files dragged to the trash will be deleted Alert error and makes the important Mac trash data inaccessible.

If you are unaware of the application that is using the file then in that situation perform the following steps to delete the file:

  • First of all, click on the “Trash” icon located in the Dock.
  • A “Finder” window will appear on the screen from where you will get the contents of your trash.
  • Now click on “Macintosh HD” and select “Applications” and then click on “Utilities folder”.
  • From this option, open the Terminal.
  • Now, type “lsof” at the terminal prompt.
  • After that drag and drop the file “in use” from the trash. This command will show the path of the file as “lsof/path_to_file.”
  • Press Return.
  • After pressing return, the “lsof” command will show the name of the applications which are using that file.
  • Now, type “command-Q” to quit that application.
  • Close the terminal and empty your trash bin by using delete key.


The performance of above step will delete files in use by other applications as well as allow you to empty your Mac trash bin without any problem. Along with these tool also retrive locked Trash files safely from Mac OS X.

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